Howard Webb, founder of the Spiderweb Net was suffering from deafness, a broken shoulder that didn’t heal properly, low blood sugar, low red corpuscle count, a pending hernia operation, prostate problems, heart problems and shingles, but was cheerful and upbeat almost to the end of his life that occurred in Bogota, Colombia.

     Those who knew Howard personally have experienced his spark of life under difficult medical conditions and know how he enjoyed meeting new people and helping old ones in times of need. He was a generous person who worked in the oil business in Peru and Colombia for many years before retiring after spending time in the field as well as in the office as Manager of General Pipe, an oil drilling pipe company. He operated his ham radio in Peru under the call sign (OA4……..) before relocating to Colombia where he settled down, married, and obtained his HK3WOP call sign. He always had a smile and a funny story to tell for those who took time to visit with him. HK3ZOR Harry used to call him the smiling Irish Leprechaun since his face and personality reminded him of one of those legendary characters. Howard was very active in the Bogota Baptist church and always had a sincere interest in helping his fellow men. He had a long love affair with ice cream and could tell you the best places in Bogota for that treat. His favorite words for anyone stopping by to visit him at HK3AVR`s Bogota QTH (which was his second home) was “Let`s go get a donut.” Many a ham downed donuts and coffee with him through the years and listened to his stories of being shot at with arrows by the Colombian Indians and other oil business adventures.